CUIABCalifornia Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board
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The Bimbos' representative present at the CUIAB hearing acknowledged at trial that she had represented to the CUIAB, under oath, that the company didn't have any sort of modified duty, "it's a liability.
Approximately two weeks after this phone call, one and one-half months after the issuance of the 48-hour letter, and immediately after the company's unsuccessful appeal to the CUIAB to revoke Ms.
Through the agreement SAA customers will be able to travel on selected Avianca Brasil flights under the SA code, connecting So Paulos international airport to Braslia, Cuiab, Curitiba, Florianpolis, Fortaleza, Goinia, Juazeiro do Norte, Macei, Porto Alegre, Recife, Rio de Janeiro and Salvador.