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CumeCumulative Audience (not an acronym)
CumeCenter for Urban Ministerial Education (Boston, MA)
CumeCenter for Urban and Multicultural Education (School of Education; Indiana University; est. 1979; Indianapolis, IN)
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A March 2009 article in The Washington Post reported that the cumulative audience for NPR's daily news programs hit a record 20.
The cumulative audience is impressive on its own but we're also delighted at the success of our targeting strategy in increasing our reach to groups that are most attractive to advertisers.
Last year, the company performed for a cumulative audience of 20,000 during a 35-city tour of Holland.
He added the tournament's total worldwide cumulative audience last year had been 120 million - with this year expected to break this record.
Its 7-day cumulative audience of nearly 1,160,000 adult readers gives it bragging rights as "the most widely read paper in all of Florida," says Maucker.
For comparison, the fall Arbitrons gave KMOX morning weekday drive programming a weekly cumulative audience of 292,900 people.
With Channel 4 giving the series an unprecedented level of coverage last year, the WRC's cumulative audience figure rose by more than 100 per cent, according to research by Sponsorship Intelligence.
So, he suggested, while traditional measures of newspaper readership show a steady trend down, the cumulative audience is still growing, and on-line readership will help offset the decline in traditional readership.
Also, the cumulative audience (the estimate of people listening to a station at least five minutes in a week) has dropped significantly at KSSN, KIPR and contemporary KURB-FM, 98.
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