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CUSUMCumulative Sum
CUSUMCentral, Unsteady, Unmaintained Fixation (eye action)
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Out of control-disaster' refers to the situation where the CUSUM score exceeds the limit and keeps increasing, 'Out of control-general' refers to the situation where the CUSUM score exceeds the limit sometimes, but still fluctuates.
The CUSUM chart of mixed air temperature for all three cases can be seen in Fig 4.
Since CUSUM detection works based on comparing the CUSUM score with a threshold, if setting the threshold of CUSUM below 60, all three cases will be detected as faulty.
Examples of the CUSUM chart are shown in Figures 1 and 2 with the corresponding X-charts for the two mills.
For convenience in interpreting the charts, the CUSUM target moisture content for this mill was also set to 12.
This is higher than what the mill wants, so the CUSUM target moisture content was set to 16.
The overall specificity for the seasonally adjusted CUSUM, historical limits, C1, C2, and C3 were 88.
These simulations demonstrate that the methods for aberration detection that require little baseline data, C1, C2, and C3, are as sensitive and specific as the historical limits and seasonally adjusted CUSUM methods.
272 methods adjusted (at least 5 y CUSUM historical data) ([dagger]) Historical 43.
To explore performance robustness under various conditions, we selected a reasonable range of values for the control parameters for CUSUM (0.
Several CUSUM charts proved capable of detecting both outbreaks by the second isolate.
From a practical perspective, the CUSUM charts detected the outbreaks by the second isolate, a finding corroborated by results of the Monte Carlo simulations.