CYTOCroydon Youth Theatre Organisation (UK)
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The company could be a huge hit for UAMS, which owns 5 percent of the firm and will receive 30 percent of any royalties that Cyto Wave receives, according to Cyto Wave spokeswoman Deah Chlsenhall.
Little plasmoid Cyto has lost his memories and must retrieve them by navigating through several dozen levels where you use his elasticity to fire him from one cell to another, eventually finding a pathway to the next level portal.
We are optimistic the treatment will be effective and therefore have signed a letter of intent to participate in a follow-up Phase II trial in Tanzania and Mozambique," said Derin Walters, Cyto Pulse CEO.
Total quantity or scope: Supply of laboratory reagents for in vitro diagnostics and laboratory accessories and monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies for paraffin sections in the final dilutions and concentrated, immunohistochemical diagnostic kits / cyto / chemical control materials, calibration, consumables, supplies and the lease of IHC staining analyzers - 8 packages (detailed description of range-quantitative object of the contract includes terms of reference).
Recurrent licensing income (>$600k in 2009) from HybrimuneTM, Cyto Pulse's electrofusion technology that is licensed broadly to antibody companies; already available from Cellectis bioresearch
We are pleased to announce this trial as part of ongoing efforts to validate Cyto Pulse technology in the clinic," said Derin Walters, Cyto Pulse CEO.
This is another step in the development of our DNA vaccine delivery system, Easy Vax[TM]," said Richard Walters, Cyto Pulse CEO.
Easy Vax(TM) is the Cyto Pulse trademark for a DNA vaccine delivery system that uses an array of hundreds of short needles, each one coated with the DNA vaccine.
This is a significant step forward for our DNA vaccine delivery system, Derma Vax[TM]," said Richard Walters, Cyto Pulse CEO.
WRAIR and Cyto Pulse Sciences desire to cooperate in research and development of methods for the administration of Flavivirus (Dengue) vaccines using a pulsed electric field delivery system.
George McMurtry, Founder and CEO of NanoAndMore USA said, "We have heard very encouraging things from our European counterpart about the Nano eNabler and the new Cyto eNabler[TM].