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CYBBCytochrome B(-245), Beta subunit
CYBBCornwall Youth Brass Band (UK)
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The present study was planned to investigate its molecular phylogeny and diversity analysisusing mitochondrial cytochrome b, cytochrome c and d-loop region.
For phylogenetic studies and species identification of different animals, cytochrome b along with other mitochondrial DNA markers has been used frequently in recent times (Hsieh et al.
Identified polymorphisms in cytochrome b gene of Axis porcinus.
DNA fingerprinting of Pakistani buffalo breeds (Nili-Ravi, Kundi) using microsatellite and cytochrome b gene markers.
DNA sequencing of the parasite cytochrome b gene in positive samples demonstrated that 8 species of free-ranging birds were infected with 5 different Plasmodium spp cytochrome b lineages, and all positive Chilean flamingos were infected with Plasmodium spp cytochrome b lineages most closely related to organisms in the Novyella subgenus.
He identified the fragments as part of the cytochrome b gene from dinosaur mitochondria-the tiny power plants inside cells.
They discovered that several higher primates have multiple, imperfect copies of the cytochrome b gene, which jumped from the mitochondria into the nucleus as long as 30 million years ago.
The researchers isolated strands of DNA from both fragments and used PCR to copy a segment that codes for a protein called cytochrome b.
Because the copies of the cytochrome b sequence varied considerably, he wonders whether the DNA comes from several organisms.
About two-thirds of CGD patients have a defect in a gene lying on the X chromosome and appear to lack cytochrome b, a membrane protein necessary for superoxide production.
The scientists also observed an increase in cytochrome b levels, which implies the interferon somehow boosted the genes coding for this critical protein.