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D-BUSDesktop Bus (inter-process communication)
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HELSINKI, Finland -- Movial, the company that inspires rich, intuitive Internet experiences, today announced it has released its innovative Browser D-Bus Bridge open source code into the Mobile Linux community.
Movial committed to contributing and delivering Browser D-Bus Bridge at this year's LinuxWorld (August 4, 2008) where it also unveiled it had joined the LiMo Foundation, the global consortium of mobile leaders delivering an open handset platform for the whole mobile industry.
Browser D-Bus Bridge translates Javascript commands to D-Bus commands (Desktop Bus).
Using the Browser D-Bus Bridge, developers or designers can create a UI to control NetworkManager using HTML, CSS and Javascript or easily create a browser extension to send URLs to a music player using its D-Bus API.
As part of its commitment to the Linux mobile community, Movial has also unveiled it is open sourcing an innovative technology, Browser D-Bus Bridge, that enables Web developers and designers, operators and device manufacturers for the first time ever, to easily create extremely capable User Interfaces (UI) that transform Web widgets into seamless user driven mobile applications providing new, value-added and differentiated services and superior user experiences.
Browser D-Bus Bridge, Movial's innovative open source contribution to the Linux mobile community, translates HTML and Javascript commands to D-Bus commands (Desktop Bus).
Movial's Browser D-Bus Bridge contribution to the Linux mobile community is exemplary of the spirit of LiMo members.
With Movial's Browser D-Bus Bridge, members of the Linux mobile community will now be able to create custom User Interfaces that are not only Web widgets, but rich and usable main applications.