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Clements pointed out that the D-Jet, due to low landing speed, will be able to operate from runways as short as 2000 ft.
The Borgomanero, northern Italy-based company already supplies landing gear systems for the Eclipse 500, and Diamond D-Jet business aircraft and the AgustaWestland AW109, AW169 and Bell 429 helicopters.
Diamond Aircraft offers the most comprehensive range of modern GA aircraft, including the 2 place DA20, the 4 place single DA40 XL, the twin turbo diesel engine DA42 TwinStar, and the D-JET, a 5 place luxury personal jet aircraft.
BRS plans to use the proceeds to increase investments in research and development, construct new manufacturing facilities and accelerate progress on a number of programs, including whole-airframe parachutes for Diamond Aircraft's D-Jet and DA-50.
PMI Media tracks the VLJ market - including models such as the Cirrus SJ50 Vision, Citation Mustang, Diamond D-Jet, Eclipse 500, Embraer Phenom 100, HondaJet, PiperJet and Spectrum S-33 Independence - by analysing supplier order backlogs and purchasing trends by air taxi, corporate and individual aircraft operators.
BRS recently announced the development of a whole airframe parachute system for the new Diamond Aircraft DA50, as well at the new Diamond D-Jet.
Diamond has previously announced a similar arrangement for development of a system for the D-JET.
Diamond Aircraft D-Jet made its first flight with the Williams FJ33-5A engine on Saturday.
With the addition of new applications such as the Diamond D-Jet, we have undertaken a significant investment in operations and engineering to respond to market demand.
We believe, in addition to the five key programmes featured in this report (A700, Cessna Mustang, Embraer Phenom 100, Diamond D-Jet and Eclipse 500) there will be other new entrants who succeed in producing aircraft for the personal jet market, and estimates for these are listed in the HondaJet/new entrant line, with an average aircraft sales price of $2.
BRS continues to achieve steady revenue growth as we expand our presence in existing markets, win new business like the D-Jet, and achieve modernization where applicable to provide high-quality products," said Larry E.
com), a manufacturer and worldwide supplier of whole-airplane parachute recovery systems for general aviation and recreational aircraft, announced today an agreement to develop and install a BRS parachute system for Diamond Aircraft's new D-JET.