D-VARDynamic Volt-Amperes Reactive
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AMSC's D-VAR interconnection and reactive power compensation solutions ensure high network performance and stability.
American Superconductor Secures Two Orders for D-VAR Technology II-29
AMSC will deploy the turnkey D-VAR solution near Wright, Wyoming, for Basin Electric Power Cooperative.
American Superconductor's D-VAR Intelligent Grid solutions will now be deployed at 15 wind farms in the United Kingdom.
A D-VAR system, in Canada, will be deployed near a port and rail facility to mitigate the voltage flicker caused by the starting of large electric motors at the facility.
The D-VAR systems will serve two wind farms in the Midwest with nearly 450 megawatts of combined wind power capacity.
We are very pleased to see that our D-VAR system is being accepted by an increasing number of Chinese customers for solving their power quality, wind farm interconnection and voltage stability issues," said Gregory J.
With the addition of the two orders, AMSC now has an installed base and orders for D-VAR and PowerModule solutions to serve nearly 3,000 megawatts (MW) of wind power worldwide, triple the amount served by AMSC 12 months ago.
American Superconductor Secures Two Overseas Orders for D-VAR Technology 19
said its D-VAR grid interconnection technology has been ordered for two wind farms under construction in Australia.
AMSC will deliver the D-VAR system rated at 20 megaVARs of reactive compensation to SEA in the second half of calendar 2007.
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