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DAAOD-Amino Acid Oxidase (enzyme)
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CPC can be transformed by two-step enzymatic method by D-amino acid oxidase (DAAO) and glutaryl acylase (GAC) or One-step enzymatic method by a CPC acylase (CA) (1,2,5,7,8).
The conversion of D-Met to L-Met is not a limiting factor due to the existence of substantial D-amino acid oxidase activity in different tissues, such as kidney, liver, stomach, duodenum, jejunum and ileum, of pigs (Fang et al.
Determination of free D-aspartic acid, D-serine and D-alanine in the brain of mu-tant mice lacking D-amino acid oxidase activity.
Glutamatergic drugs in development Target Proposed Proposed agents Phase of mechanism development Glycine/D-serine Ailosteric Glycine, Phase II receptor modulator of the D-serine, NM DA receptor D-alanine, D-cycloserine Glycine-type I Blocks the Sarcosine, Phase transport I reuptake of RG1678 II/III inhibitor glycine, akin to SSRIs' action on serotonin Metabotropic Blocks LY-2140023 Phase II glutamate; type 2/3 presynaptic (mGluR2/3); glutamate release Redox sensitive site Allosteric N-acetylcysteine Phase II modulator of the NMDA receptor D-amino acid oxidase Inhibits the Remains in (DAAO) inhibitors enzyme that preclinical metabolizes stage D-serine Tetrahydrobiopterin Indirectly Remains in (B [H.
The 21 studies of this fourth volume include discussions of the disruption of alanine racemase gene of Schizosaccharomyces pombe, D-amino acid oxidase activity assays, the transformation of plants with D-amino acid resistance selectable markers, the resonance Raman study of charge-transfer complexes on porcine D-amine acid oxidase, and enzymes acting on D-amino acid amides.
The purification of D-Amino acid oxidase has been described by using Sephadex G75 [5].
Laboratory experiments indicated that G72 produces a protein that interacts with the enzyme D-amino acid oxidase (DAAO).
L-Homocystine and D-amino acid oxidase were from Sigma.
Mice lacking D-amino acid oxidase activity display marked attenuation of stereotypy and ataxia induced by MK-801.