D-SHARPDisplay System using High-Aspect-Ratio Projection (Microsoft)
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Although, if you notice, he actually doesn't play the comma; he avoids the D-sharp while on the E-sharp minor chord, and connects it with the third of the B-major chord, so that actually it's unambiguous as well.
A: I don't think he's consciously avoiding the comma, and I think he knows it's D-sharp but doesn't really care.
This is the lowest point we go to; we climb all the way back up, past G major, back to B major, and then even up higher, all the way to D-sharp major.
If we conflate the B and C-flat, and the E-flat and D-sharp, it suggests that the Diesis is important, that we have some kind of virtual return, and that is exactly what the piece scrupulously avoids.
5 has been changed to a D-sharp, and the engraving errors in mm.
His acoustic discography shows a concentration on the romantic and late-romantic works, spanning from Weber's Invitation to the Dance to Ravel and Scriabin's Etude in D-sharp Minor from Op.