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D2DDevice-to-Device (communications)
D2DDisk-To-Disk (backup technology/strategy)
D2DDigital-to-Digital (converter)
D2DDay to Day
D2DData to Decision (program)
D2DDoor to Door (sales)
D2DDesktop to Desktop
D2DDrive to Drive
D2DDisk to Disk
D2DDesign to Delivery (various organizations)
D2DDiscovery to Delivery (various meanings)
D2DDealer to Dealer
D2DDatabase to Database
D2DDepartment to Department
D2DDistrict-to-District (education)
D2DDirect to Disk (recording technology)
D2DDot to Dot
D2DDoorway to Dreams (Allston, MA)
D2DDivision to Division
D2DDirect to Data (ParkerVision, Inc.)
D2DData to Desktop
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The D2Flex 3000 IP/ASI Video Gateway is available in a compact 1/3 RU wide design with an optional rack mount kit from select dealers and system integrators worldwide or directly from D2D Technologies.
D2D offers free services and resources to authors, including eBook conversion, automated print layout, marketing tools such as Universal Book Links, and remarkable industry insight and support.
When two D2D devices are far apart, the link between these two D2D devices may suffer from low signal to interference plus noise ratio (SINR), leading to unreliable D2D communication.
In [2], a resource sharing algorithm is proposed to find the optimal transmission power for D2D communication without degrading the QoS of cellular users.
In addition to high-resolution capabilities, D2D Register features built-in full web width, digital zoom and a 22" 16:9 ratio viewer.
LTE D2D allows devices to communicate directly without using cellular network infrastructure.
3-Deduplication, the promise to divide the cost of D2D by a factor of 20 to 50
D2D and CRF--Changes to D200A for Shop Replaceable Units (SRU)
The company said D2D backup technology provides higher transfer speeds, greater ease of use, lower costs and 100% accuracy for restored data, when compared to tape.
0 connection that are nearly 55 percent faster than other D2D solutions and more than five times faster than OS-dependent software solutions.
The first generation of D2D addressed the backup window issue to some extent, but didn't really create any significant cost savings compared to tape.
The company designs, develops and manufactures complete semiconductor system solutions for wireless products based on the enabling, patented D2D technology.