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D2DDisk-To-Disk (backup technology/strategy)
D2DDay to Day
D2DDoor to Door (sales)
D2DDirect to Disk (recording technology)
D2DDot to Dot
D2DDirect to Data (ParkerVision, Inc.)
D2DData to Desktop
D2DDealer to Dealer
D2DDistrict-to-District (education)
D2DDepartment to Department
D2DDevice-to-Device (communications)
D2DDigital-to-Digital (converter)
D2DDesign to Delivery (various organizations)
D2DDatabase to Database
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When we look at the installation requirements for both host-based D2D and VTL, it becomes apparent that much more configuration is required of the D2D solution.
an HP OEM storage supplier for 16 years, can provide a native attachment to the HP StoreOnce D2D backup systems to enterprises relying on HP NonStop systems, by using Tributary's LMM (Library Media Manager) backup/media management application.
OEConnection's D2D Express is the industry benchmark for advanced automotive supply chain technology.
Some of the reasons that customers were interested in deploying D2D solutions:
To ensure that shoppers are guaranteed to get the best deal possible this holiday, D2D is matching any lower price found on qualified retail sites.
The research also offers an in-depth case study of D2D Fund's efforts, in conjunction with SunGard, to create a Web-based record-keeping system for IDAs that will deliver operational efficiencies and extend the reach of IDAs to potentially millions of participants.
Because the files on the ATA storage are already in a full file format and readable by any authorized user, this D2D backup model enables application path redirect.
Christy Sports was the first brick and mortar company to expand its rental business to include a delivery component," said Ben Saari, co-founder of D2D.
In an industry which is rapidly becoming dominated by a few well-funded public companies, D2D has brought the debt investment opportunity from Wall Street to Main Street.
Launched in October 2004, D2D allows consumers to conveniently purchase and download the latest premium video games, feature films, popular TV shows and anime titles directly from the Web to their desktops.
Properly configured D2D backup enables multiple simultaneous backup operations because the backup disk array can be written to simultaneously by many servers.
HP data deduplication technology for the VLS and D2D enables customers to automate and remotely manage the systems with low-bandwidth replication.