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D2D2TDisk to Disk to Tape (backup strategy where data is backed up to disk then to tape for faster recovery)
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The drives will soon be on the market, completing the tiered D2D2T architecture puzzle and delivering an inexpensive and highly flexible interface option for storage administrators.
VTL solutions that incorporate data mover capabilities and policy frameworks to enable D2D2T tiered storage also provide new efficiencies in data protection strategies, allowing IT organizations to store data on the most appropriate storage resource at any stage of the data's lifecycle.
Thus, within the ILM environment, we see an evolution towards D2D2T (Disk-to-Disk-to-Tape) becoming the de facto standard.
Solution: Platinum models include the following: Escala server utilizing IBM Power5+ technology, IBM AIX/5L, SAN integration, 42U racks, HMC, Flat Panel Display, LTO Tape Drives, D2D2T Backup Appliance with AES Encryption, High Availability Software, Software Support and Hardware Maintenance.
This is commonly referred to as D2D2T, along with two other acronyms: D2d2T and D2D2t.
In addition to the speed advantage of caching to disk prior to moving data to tape or other removable media, there are several other inherent benefits that D2D2T delivers.
Quantum's DXi(TM) Appliance Reduces University's Data Center Disk Space Utilization by 90 Percent and Restores Confidence in Backup Reliability Over Previous D2D2T Process
These are sometimes referred to as D2D2T for disk-to-disk-to-tape, D2D for disk-to-disk, or D2T for disk to tape.
Additionally, the capacity improvements and remote management capabilities on the NEO 4100 enabled the organization to complete a full D2D2T backup on a Sunday when wildfires broke out throughout Southern California and threatened to impact the organization's headquarters.
Moreover, Overland's data deduplicating VTL integrates with our existing D2D2T solutions to accommodate all our data protection tiers.
Certance introduced the CP 3100 Series data protection solution for small businesses and departmental workgroups seeking a fast, reliable and economical D2D2T solution for business-critical data.