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D2RDance Dance Revolution (game aka DDR)
D2RDegrees to Radians (mathematics measurement conversion)
D2RDreams to Reality (various organizations)
D2RDirect-to-Retail (distribution model)
D2RDoor-to-Reperfusion (cardiology)
D2RDigital-to-the-Room (entertainment product)
D2RFrom Discovery to Recovery (lecture series)
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Despite these differences, the D2R antagonism (or partial agonism) is considered essential to produce antipsychotic effects.
Although the alstonine mechanism of action has not been fully clarified, behavioral and neurochemical data suggest it is not a D2R antagonist (Costa-Campos et al.
As a spiritual advisor and spokesperson for D2R LIVE my main objective is to help people find the silver linings inside of dusty dungeons thus exploring their deepest fears while standing before me naked.
Importantly, PD patients have normal or increased levels of D2R in the striatum (Table 2).
The LodgeNet VOD Basic platform is an interactive television system that delivers the core features and benefits of D2R video in a reliable and cost engineered on demand solution.
Sengen's D2R Methodology, a four-phase, iterative process, guides the Sengen team and client from concept through completion of each project--from a project's "Dream to Reality.
These companies include: 7th Level, 99v, Allaire, Blue Hypermedia, Caribiner International, D2R, DigiBand, Digital Bitcasting, Digital Lava, Digital Renaissance, Discjockey.