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D3DDirect 3D
D3DDirect Three Dimensional
D3DDisplay in 3-Dimensions
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I knew about D3D Cinema and the great work they did using Christie laser at the National Infantry Museum, so I went to Derek Threinen at D3D and told him what we wanted, which was a 2D projection system with the latest technology, said Phillip Crabtree, operations manager for visitor attractions, Naval Aviation Museum Foundation.
That's a problem - with the kernel-mode driver running on the same thread as the game and the D3D layer, there's just not much for the other threads to do.
More information the D3D is available by contacting Omron Electronics Inc.
Barco and our technology partners continue to raise the bar and redefine the forefront of cinema technology innovation," said Don Kempf, President of D3D.
D3D Cinema will be shooting original dome test footage in multiple digital and 70 mm formats in the coming months.
According to Carl Flygare, Quadro Product Marketing Manager for PNY Technologies, "NVIDIA POWERdraft 2007 and MAXtreme 9 D3D close the solutions loop by delivering Quadro-specific display quality and performance boosts for AutoCAD and 3ds max.
D3D Cinema and Moody Gardens have announced the grand opening of the MG3D Laser Theater at Moody Gardens, the first institution in the world to feature a giant screen 6-Primary (6P) laser projection system.
New partner D3D Cinema is a Chicago-based company offering 'complete digital 3D cinema solutions and services to museum and attraction industry clients worldwide'.
Some of the companies and organizations listed included: McDonald's, Procter & Gamble, Sony, Gateway, General Dynamics, Cirque Du Soleil, New York New York Casino and Hotel, NetZone, Waypoint Media, International Robotics, D3D Media, UC Berkeley, Florida Light and Power, McDonnell Douglas, Tunis, Harbor Industries, New York Port Authority, Los Angeles Police Department and Prime Selections TV among others.
A detailed description of the contract is contained in the Annexes: N3, K3, M2, my3, D1, D3D, A1,
Christie and D3D Cinema are pleased to announce that the world's first museum-based 4K 3D giant screen 6P laser projection system will be installed and premiering at Moody Gardens MG3D Cinema in Q4 2014.
OGL, D3D, and Linux compatible, simFUSION configurations include two or four ATI RADEON(TM) 8500 graphics chips, one or two DVI-I outputs, and up to 256MB of unified memory.