D4XDownloader for X (software)
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The author is the Director - Product Engineering & Operations at D4X Technologies Private Limited.
5v 12, Nicad recharge DFT transmitter 3V 20 DX transmitter 3V 20 DS transmitter 1 12 AA-alkaline DT transmitter 3V 30 D4X transmitter 6V 40 DXP transmitter 3V 20 D4XP transmitter 6V 40 DC transmitter 12-30V (Cable) DCP transmitter 12-30V (Cable) EDF transmitter 3V 10 ETP transmitter 3V 20 ECP transmitter 12-30V (Cable) Spot D receiver 20+ Tek IV Spot D remote display 12V Tek Molemap CDT transmitter 3V 20+ CDX transmitter 3V 12+ CLF transmitter 3V 12+ Spot Lite receiver 6 C-cell 20+ Receiver Spot Lite receiver 4 C-cell 20 Moniter Company Audio Weight Operating Temp.