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DAADigital/Analog/Analog (audio CD format, recording/mixing/mastering)
DAADesignated Approving Authority
DAADublin Airport Authority (Ireland)
DAAData Access Arrangement
DAADistributed Application Architecture
DAADetect and Avoid (wireless networking)
DAADirect Access Arrangement
DAADigest Access Authentication
DAADraper Aden Associates (Blacksburg, VA)
DAADesignated Accrediting Authority
DAADesignated Approval Authority (less common)
DAADiacetone Alcohol
DAADefense Authorization Act (Public Law)
DAADieticians Association of Australia (Deakin, ACT, Australia)
DAADistinguished Achievement Award
DAADeputy Assistant Administrator
DAADays After Anthesis
DAADecimal Adjust for Addition
DAADiplôme d'Agronomie Approfondie
DAAData Authentication Algorithm
DAADeputy Associate Administrator
DAADesign and Analysis of Algorithms
DAADocument Availability Authorization
DAADepartment of Astronomy and Astrophysics (University of Toronto)
DAADominion Automobile Association
DAADrug Addicts Anonymous (recovery support group)
DAADevice Access Architecture (Viero)
DAADesignated Accreditation Authority
DAADistributed Active Archive
DAADefault Aversion Assistance (student loans)
DAADrug Addiction and or Alcoholism
DAADental Anthropology Association
DAADelaware Apartment Association (Newark, DE)
DAADistribution Automatique d'Appels
DAAData Access Agent
DAADesign Automation Assistant
DAAData Acquisition Assembly
DAAdisplay alternate area routing lists (US DoD)
DAADesignated Auditing Agency (New Zealand)
DAADine Across America
DAADroplet Aerosol Analyser
DAAData Accountability
DAAData Asset Analysis
DAADowning Aviation Associates
DAADepot Access Agreement (UK railways)
DAADual-Antenna Array
DAADefense Auditing Agency
DAADental Assistants' Association of Australia Inc.
DAADirect Attack Aircraft
DAADecision Aid Application
DAADoppler Air Alignment
DAADiploma in Archive Administration
DAADefinitive Alliance Agreement
DAADiaspora and Art
DAADistinguished Alumni Award (various schools)
DAADecatur Arts Alliance (Decatur, GA)
DAADépendant Affectif Anonyme (French: Emotional Dependency Anonymous; Canada)
DAADuke Alumni Association (Duke University; North Carolina)
DAADoylestown Athletic Association (est. 1968)
DAADirect Antiviral Agent (hepatitis therapy)
DAADancing about Architecture
DAADynamic Asset Allocation (investing)
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At 25 and 40 DAA (Figures 4D-E and 5D-E), negative reaction to Xylidine Ponceau indicated that the seeds were at a maturation stage in which protein reserves were still absent in the embryo.
Moreover, the research found that when compared with no DAA treatment, use of the generic drugs in HCV-infected Indian patients increased life expectancy by over eight years and reduced lifetime health care costs by more than USD1,300 per person.
The tuition fees for families at this school will continue to follow the DAA fees.
Retreatment of patients who failed DAA combination therapies: Real-world experience from a large hepatitis C cohort.
In eight cases, the initial transaminase increase was interpreted as a DAA drug reaction and the medicine was discontinued.
The increase in the values for TA may be due to the activity of the pectinmethylesterase enzyme, whereas reduction in the values for TA in fruits harvested after 50 DAA may be due to their elevated respiratory rate (ANTHON & BARRETT, 2012).
The block on the dollar is unlikely to affect DAA, who are owned by the Irish government, and Toland did not explicitly say what his reservations were other than it will take time for the country to open up.
Radar is the only sensor capable of reliably performing DAA in all weather conditions and at the ranges, broad fields of view and scanning speeds necessary for safe operation of UAS in the NAS.
Portanto, o padrao de crescimento dos frutos da umbugueleira e sigmoidal simples, observando-se crescimento rapido ate 117 DAA (crescimento propriamente dito), quando se iniciou a fase de maturacao (a maturidade fisiologica), seguido de um crescimento lento e estabilidade, atingindo sua completa maturacao na planta em torno dos 147 DAA, sendo observado leve declinio nos proximos 10 dias, quando os frutos avancavam no amadurecimento e iniciava-se a abscisao da planta, aproximadamente aos 157 DAA, caracterizado pela coloracao vermelho-purpura e aroma caracteristico do fruto maduro e maxima relacao SS/AT (solidos soluveis/acidez titulavel).
Specifically, DAA found that Colonial improperly reported its investments in various subsidiaries using the consolidated method of accounting instead of the required equity method of accounting; Colonial incorrectly accounted for interest during construction; improperly recorded amounts for donations, charitable contributions, fines, penalties and lobbying expenses; incorrectly accounted for regulatory fees paid to federal agencies; and did not remove intrastate amounts when reporting certain line items on page 700 of Form 6.
The DAA was created to implement cross-industry, independently enforced self-regulation of online interest-based advertising (IBA) and data collection across digital platforms.
Veeri argued if the DAA is not in vogue in the state then the AFSPA has no jurisdiction in the state and described the PDP's demand about gradual withdrawal of the AFSPA as mere charade.