DAAADwarf Athletic Association of America
DAAADetroit Area Agency on Aging
DAAAD-Amino Acid Aminotransferase
DAAADallas Area Agency on Aging (Dallas, TX)
DAAADistinguished Alumni Achievement Award
DAAADental Assistants' Association of Australia, Inc.
DAAADiversity and African American Affairs (Office for Diversity and Inclusion; North Carolina State University; Raleigh, NC)
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Contact: To volunteer yourself, your family or your community group, contact the DAAA at (313) 446-4444, ext.
The requirement for delegation under DAAA is that the provincial minister enters into an administrative agreement with the authority delegated powers.
Specific provisions for government oversight and the right to modify aspects of an administrative agreement are limited by section 16 of the DAAA which permits a responsible minister to take action --such as unilateral modification of an agreement, change to the objects of a delegated administrative authority and issuing policy directions, only if certain conditions apply, such as serious harm to public health, safety and the interests of consumers.
En lo que corresponde a la DAAA del sorgo usado en este estudio, los resultados indicaron una similitud en Met, Ile y Leu, con valores mas altos para His, Lis, Fen, Tre y val, y menores en Arg, que los reportados en la tilapia del Nilo segun Guimaraes et al.
Paul Bridgewater, director of DAAA, has been instrumental in maintaining the forward movement of AAGN over the years.
Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful and share with those we love and care about especially our seniors, who are often alone on the holiday, said Paul Bridgewater, DAAA president and CEO.
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Its portfolio includes a certified TPS Electronic Medical Record software for wound care providers, DAaaS (data analytics), business intelligence tools and strategic clinical consulting.