DAACDistributed Active Archive Center (NASA)
DAACDental Alliance for AIDS/HIV Care
DAACDistrict Academic Advising Council
DAACDifferent At All Cost
DAACDrug Abuse Advisory Council (US FDA)
DAACDrug/Alcohol Abuse Control
DAACDélégation Académique à l'Education Artistique et Culturelle (French: Artistic and Cultural Education Delegation)
DAACDélégation Académique à l'Action Culturelle (French: Academic Cultural Action Delegation)
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The principles-based approach to corporate governance and the management of audit committees is consistent with the practice currently underlying the DAAC directive.
To assist with addressing these questions, at least in a cursory way, this section of the article considers the rationale of the DAAC policy itself and significant matters of implementation.
It may be the case, however, that the governance behind this arrangement may be faulty most of the time, in the sense that a mixed message is sent that somehow the DAAC is held to account to the minister rather than to the deputy head.
The Federal Accountability Act and resulting policies, such as the DAAC policy, if anything, solidify previous reforms supporting public-sector efficiency and integrated systems for better managerial decision-making.
DAAC Think Tank: Canada's Economic Action Plan Considerations for a Responsive and Responsible Implementation.
The DAAC Collective (of designers, architects, artisans, and contractors) can refer all the professionals and tradespeople for a remodeling or building project.
Research datasets deposited at the ORNL DAAC are now automatically linked to relevant articles in Elsevier journals available on ScienceDirect using DOIs, and vice versa.
This fruitful cooperation between Elsevier and the ORNL DAAC promotes the flow of data into trusted archives and supports long-term storage, wide availability and preservation of research data.
Robert Cook, ORNL DAAC Chief Scientist and member of ORNL's Climate Change Science Institute said, "The way researchers work has dramatically changed with the developments of the Internet and new computer technology.
Bethan Keall, Publishing Director for Energy and Earth Sciences at Elsevier said, "We are delighted to be able to offer authors and readers the opportunity to seamlessly link their published article to the underlying data with one easy click and are proud to work together with the ORNL DAAC on this initiative.
The ORNL DAAC is a NASA-funded archive that assembles, distributes, and provides data services for a comprehensive archive of terrestrial biogeochemistry and ecological dynamics observations and models to facilitate research in support of NASA's Earth science.
This contract is for the continued operation and maintenance of the SEDAC DAAC to perform data acquisition, application development of socioeconomic data, product generation, archive, distribution, user services, maintenance and operation of the systems and related science support activities.