DAACDistributed Active Archive Center (NASA)
DAACDental Alliance for AIDS/HIV Care
DAACDistrict Academic Advising Council
DAACDifferent At All Cost
DAACDrug Abuse Advisory Council (US FDA)
DAACDrug/Alcohol Abuse Control
DAACDélégation Académique à l'Education Artistique et Culturelle (French: Artistic and Cultural Education Delegation)
DAACDélégation Académique à l'Action Culturelle (French: Academic Cultural Action Delegation)
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NASA LP DAAC (Land Processes Distributed Active Archive Center) (2013) MODIS Albedo products MCD43A3, B3.
Bryan Russell, executive manager of the DAAC, said: "The young people being honoured have made a difference to their lives and to those of other people in their communities.
The principles-based approach to corporate governance and the management of audit committees is consistent with the practice currently underlying the DAAC directive.
No obstante, el programa del DAAC podria ser la excepcion pero la informacion obtenida a traves de las fuentes orales es insuficiente para establecer con certeza si existe trabajo multisectorial o intersectorial.
Author's note: the nine DAACs are: Marshall Space Flight Center, Langley Research Center, Goddard Space Flight Center, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, The National Snow and Ice Data Center, EROS Data Center, Alaska SAR Facility, Oak Ridge National Laboratory and the Socioeconomic Data and Applications Center.
Gateway to MI GIS data USGS, EROS, DAAC, SAA Satellite data (Landsat, AVHRR etc.
Extensive information on these DAACs is found in the Catalog of Data Sets and Services Available from the EOS Distributed Active Archive Centers, and available free from the ORNL DAAC User Services Office, P.
We attempt to demystify the whole design process," says Marc Feld of The DAAC Collective, based in Los Angeles.
DAAC executive manager Bryan Russell said: "We often hear only the worst about our young people but these awards paint a very different and more accurate picture.
DAAC executive officer Sgt Dave Young said: "The recruitment of this puppy marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter in the history of the Jet and Ben project and we wish Claire every success.
Such an architecture is not designed to accommodate the sophisticated needs of the second phase of the project, where, for example, each DAAC (Distributed Active Archive Center) may add new types of data at any time.