DAAFDétecteur Avertisseur Autonome de Fumée (French: Standalone Smoke Detector Alarm)
DAAFDirection des Affaires Administratives et Financières (French: Directorate of Administrative and Financial Affairs; Burkina Faso)
DAAFDigitalis in Acute Atrial Fibrillation
DAAFDerived Access Adaptation Function (Sprint)
DAAFDélégation Académique aux Actions de Formation (French: Academic Delegation to Training)
DAAFDrug and Alcohol Forum
DAAFDeutsche Akademie für Anästhesiologische Fortbildung eV (German Academy of Further Education in Anaesthesiology)
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Maintenance, programmed preventive maintenance and timely repairs curative water heater electric storage (electric cumulus), taps, flushing cisterns, ventilation and control DAAF in housing Quevilly Habitat Heritage located in the municipality of Grand-Quevilly and surrounding municipalities in the Metroprole.
The management approach by the quality whose implementation has been decided in 2013 within the body EB (EB and decentralized services: DRAAF, DAAF, HADD, DDCSPP) has already resulted in the dissemination of management processes, inspection and communication.
Benefits include the systematic preventive maintenance (annual survey), corrective maintenance (servicing and repair), visits to the relocation and the new equipment put into service, and the supply and installation of DAAF.