DACLDiscretionary Access Control List (Microsoft Windows)
DACLDepression Adjective Check Lists (mental health)
DACLDominating Atrial Cycle Length
DACLDiamines and Chemicals Limited (India)
DACLDigital Asia Concepts Limited (Thailand)
DACLDémolition Autos Croix Luizet (French scrap yard)
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Immediately afterwards, participants completed DACL Form B and the first SUDS rating.
Participants then completed DACL Form C and the second SUDS rating.
Additionally, they completed a DACL during the week of their discharge from the hospital, no matter what the interval from the previous administration was.
weeks when a patient scheduled to complete the DACL did not do so) make this a practical impossibility.
Further, the Behavior Observation Scale may have been too broad a rating system and the DACL may not have been sufficiently sensitive to mood state changes.
Table 1 Reliability of the State Form of the DACL for Adolescents(a) Type of N A B C D E F G Reliability Internal Consistency (Alpha) 159 90 91 91 93 543 89 91 90 Split-Half 159 88 90 89 95 543 89 88 89 Test-Retest (3)(b) 106 .
The results of Study 1 indicate that the reliability (internal consistency [alpha], split half, and alternate form) and the concurrent validity of Set 1 of the DACL (correlation with the Pervasive Affect component of the SDS) were sufficiently high as to recommend its use in research with adolescents.
The state form of the DACL has been used with adolescents (Bascuas, 1982; Burton, 1987; Carey, Kelley, Buss, & Scott, 1986; Doerr, 1984; Gourdine, 1987; Kienhorst, DeWilde, VanDenBout, Diekstra, & Wolters, 1990; McKinney, 1979; Rohde, 1981; Sussman, Inoff-Germain, Nottelmann, Loriaux, Cutler, & Chrousos, 1987; and Teichman, Barnea, & Ravav, 1989), indicating the general acceptability of the instrument to this population.
Reading level of the DACL has been determined to be Grade 8 (Lubin, Collins, Seever, & Whitlock, 1991).
All subjects completed the DACL in their homerooms.
Also, groups did not differ on depressive affect, although white adolescent female means in both samples on the three forms of the DACL were consistently higher.