DACTDouble Arbre a Cames En Tete
DACTDynamic Adaptive Compression Tool
DACTDigital Alarm Communicator Transmitter
DACTDissimilar Air Combat Training
DACTDéclaration d'Achèvement et de Conformité des Travaux (French: Statement of Work Completion and Compliance)
DACTDanish Audio Connect (audio manufacturer)
DACTData Automated Communications Terminal
DACTDiaminochlorotriazine (herbicide)
DACTDutch Association of Corporate Treasurers
DACTDissimilar Air Combat Tactics
DACTDissimilar Aircraft Combat Training
DACTData Accumulation Compression Technology
DACTDynamic Airspace Collaboration Tool (US NASA)
DACTDigital Automated Communications Terminal
DACTDownstream Aluminium Centre for Technology
DACTDisposable Absorption Collection Trunk (NASA)
DACTData Automated Control Terminal
DACTDisposable Absorbent Containment Trunk
DACTDeployable ACCS Component (NATO)
DACTDissimilar Aerial Combat Tactic
DACTData Acquisition Control and Telemetry
DACTData Automation Communications Terminal
DACTDiplomate American College of Theriogenology
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The findings showed that the DANS and DACT indices were just as effective as the CWSI at determining water stress even though they require much simpler measurements--a once-a-day reading of crop canopy temperatures.
A DACT represents a minimum unit of data transferred between nodes and has a self-meaning that allows pieces of data to be separated from others without losing consistency.
40) ADC aircrews began some DACT with TAC assets at Nellis AFB in 1967, but TAC brought that to an end in January 1969, because of the demands of training pilots for operations in Vietnam.
Marc Woodward, of DACT Services, said orders for home security had doubled in January.
Precursor Product ions Compound ion [M+H] Q C1 C2 ATZ-OH 198 86 156 69 DACT 146 79 68 62 DEAM 315 185 144 102 DIA 174 68 132 104 DEA 188 146 104 110 AM 343 214 102 172 ATZ 216 174 104 68 Abbreviations: AM, atrazine mercapturate; ATZ-OH, hydroxyatrazine; ATZ, atrazine; C1, confirmation ion 1; C2, confirmation ion 2; [M+H], pseudomolecular ion derived from atmospheric pressure chemical ionization; DACT, diaminochlorotriazine; DATM, diaminotriazine mercapturate; DEA, desethylatrazine; DEAM, desethylatrazine mercapturate; DIA, desisopropyl atrazine; Q, quantification ion.
DACTs allow the alarm system to communicate with the central station via the subscriber's existing telephone lines, notifying the police of the alarm type, the zone affected, and other relevant information.
We brought very positive training challenges for all participants at DACT 2016," Rolf Brandt, senior program manager of German operations, said in a statement.
The only metabolite for which an acute RfD has been established is DACT (based on a developmental toxicity NOAEL of 2.
The DACT contacts a digital alarm communicator receiver (DACR) located at a central station through the telephone company's switched network and transmits a message identifying the change in condition at the protected premises.
Between 1972 and 1976, the Air Force created four aggressor squadrons--flying T-38 and then F-5 trainer jets with Soviet-style paint schemes--specifically to provide DACT to fighter pilots.
I was on a good deal 2 v 2 DACT (dissimilar air combat training) flight in a section of Hornets against F-15s.
Monitoring shall be performed via an approved Central station which must be able to distinguish between a security alarm and a fire alarm system trouble, phone line trouble, DACT trouble, or supervisory system trouble and alarm.