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DADADesigners' & Art Directors' Association
DADADefence Against the Dark Arts (Harry Potter)
DADADetroit Auto Dealers Association (Michigan)
DaDADance and Drama Award (UK)
DADADivision of Alcohol and Drug Abuse (various states)
DADADéblocage Actif des Amphithéâtres (French: Unlocking University Assets)
DADADowntown Artists Development Association (Los Angeles, CA, USA)
DADAData Analysis Decision Action
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It was gathered that the case had first been assigned to Justice Oluwatoyin Ipaye of the same court before the case file was withdrawn and later transferred to Justice Dada.
Known as a global harbinger of peace, love and harmony, Dada Vaswani says, "There was a time when life in the community was rooted in the love of God and in the service of others.
Por increible que parezca, en 1977 me alie con un artista plastico, Alberto Gutierrez, para hacer una exposicion que evocara al ya para entonces romantico Dada, con obras y objetos propios y, no contentos con eso, en 1979 participamos en el Salon de Experimentacion de Bellas Artes en el Auditorio Nacional, con un proyecto titulado "Libro Objeto", para que no hubiera duda de su origen.
Late in the evening team manager Cyril Pearce, a former international umpire, had invited Dada Dhyan Chand for the celebrations, during which 'Dada' expressed his desire to meet a new young face (Naqvi).
As an anti-art movement, active in urban centers such as Zurich, Berlin, Paris, and New York, Dada reveled in provocations and nonsense, scatological humor and mischief.
Upon closing, the newly formed company will continue to operate its crowdsourcing delivery platform under the Dada brand.
As artists returned home after the war, Dada movements sprang up in Berlin, Paris, Hanover, and other cities.
Rasula inaugura su ensayo recreando verbalmente la noche inaugural de Dada en el Cabaret Voltaire de Zurich, cuyo cente nario se celebra este ano.
The DADA Company catalog covers all types of contents: an interactive lullaby to put children to sleep, a story without words that promotes imagination, a wonderful game book that allows kids to discover the world of music or apply children's fantasy and imagination to daily routines, or a wonderful introduction to fundamental values like equality and friendship in a unique story.
In the exhibition's promotional text, Madra explains that the Dada movement can be considered the basic background for the concepts and aesthetics of contemporary art today.
Initially launched last December, the DADA competition was open to opticians across Europe, with the aim of "setting free the creative juices to see what masterpieces of art and beauty can be produced.
Mohammad Dada bt Zain 113, Khinza bt Qasim 1514 (97)