DADLGDurham Area Disability Leisure Group (UK)
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Groups such as DADLG are providing opportunities for people that might not otherwise have the chance to get involved in sports such as rowing, climbing and rugby - that's very important for their social lives and wellbeing.
DADLG provides leisure opportunities for up to 300 young people aged between eight and 25, with physical, learning, sensory and multiple disabilities.
She said: "For the past 14 years, DADLG has provided sport and leisure activities for young disabled people in the area and I am so pleased to see Nicholson's Transport supporting the group.
DADLG provides sports and leisure opportunities for up to 300 young people and their families with activities including quad biking, taekwondo, football, trampoline, cycling, sailing and climbing.
DADLG co-ordinator Lynne Watson said: "Nicholson's Transport has supported what we do for many years, but this is such a generous offer.
DADLG provides activities like trampolining and horse riding for children and young people with disabilities, and their families.