DADMACDiallyldimethylammonium Chloride
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DADMAC was received from Fluka, and it is in salt form and fully ionized at all pH values within our working range.
Free radical polymerization of DADMAC may proceed as a cyclopolymerization mechanism.
RI detector, calibrated with aqueous NaCl, signals were used to monitor monomer concentration and its conversion to polymer by using the differential RI increment differences (<dn/dc) between the values of DADMAC and PDADMAC.
DADMAC,0] is the DADMAC concentration at the beginning of the reaction.
So, positively charged DADMAC and V50 ions repel each other, causing the DADMAC to initiate the reaction at a slower rate.
In the pH range of this study, DADMAC is fully ionized.