DAFEDirection du Service d'État de l'Agriculture, de la Forêt et de l'Environnement (French: Direction of the State Service of Agriculture, Forestry and the Environment; New Caledonia)
DAFEDepartment of Agricultural and Forestry Extension (Vietnam)
DAFEDarkride and Funhouse Enthusiasts
DAFEDépartement Aérodynamique Fondamentale et Expérimentale (French: Fundamental and Experimental Aerodynamics Department)
DAFEDesignated Acronym Free Environment :-)
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Os autores constataram aumento medio do teor de clorofila a, entre 84 e 126 dias apos a frutificacao efetiva (DAFE), e pico de teor de clorofila b no 1260 DAFE, momento que consideraram adequado para a colheita dessa cultivar.
The rule of DAFE AFSAD BE-FASED, which means avoiding the worse action by doing a bad action.
Warner Bros Consumer Products' DAFE (Digital Assets Fulfilled Electronically) system, while it's had some technical mishaps, is generally praised as a vehicle for getting style guide information.