DAFWDays Away From Work
DAFWDays Absent from Work
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These harmonizing issues-instances in which a case was eligible for workers' compensation wage replacement but was not considered an OSHA-recordable DAFW case by the employer--illustrate the challenges involved in accurately matching cases between an injury and illness surveillance system, such as the SOII, and an administrative records system, such as workers' compensation data, that were designed for very different purposes.
The increase in the proportion of injuries and illnesses that lead to DJTR has given rise to questions about whether such cases are fundamentally different from DAFW cases.
Without DJTR data, users might reach different conclusions about work-related injury and illness experiences than they would relying solely on DAFW data.
DJTR in food manufacturing, for example, is higher than that industry's DAFW incidence rate, whereas in air transportation it is much lower.