DAIGDepartment of the Army Inspector General
DAIGDeputy Assistant Inspector General
DAIGDeutsche Annington Immobilien GmbH (German equity company)
DAIGDeutsche Aids-Gesellschaft eV (German: German AIDS Society)
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It enables DAIG to execute a series of partial refinancings of the underlying portfolio.
As the team members' familiarity with each functional area increased, they realized that DAIG inspectors would search for answers in areas outside of the battalion's direct control.
On 18 September 2011, the DAIG inspection commenced.
Williams 54th Signal Battalion S-3, "because the 54th Signal Battalion was the first deployed theater Signal battalion to pass the DAIG [inspection].
The Afghan government will go to any extent to implement the DAIG,'' Karzai warned.
24) The DAIG includes the combined offices of the Office of the Inspector General (OTIG) and the U.
Depending on the rank of the client under investigation, however, the DAIG may also be involved.
28) The Investigations Division of the DAIG conducts all investigations or investigative inquiries involving these officials.
for being a part of history--the very first Department of the Army organization, including Active Duty, Reserve and National Guard units, to pass this DAIG IA inspection.
30) When an IG receives a complaint alleging professional misconduct by an Army lawyer, he will immediately forward the complaint to the DAIG Legal Advisor without taking any action on the matter.
46) The Inspector General has further delegated records release authority to the Deputy TIG, the DAIG legal advisor, and the deputy legal advisor.
Persons within the Department of the Army, such as labor counselors and trial counsel, may obtain IG records for official use only (FOUO) by providing detailed written requests to their local detailed IGs or directly to the DAIG Records Release Office.