DALKDeep Anterior Lamellar Keratoplasty (corneal surgical procedure)
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From an optometrist's point of view a DALK is very difficult to differentiate from a PK procedure in that they will both be sutured in the same manner and can very much have the same appearance.
Complications to look for in a DALK patient are again similar to cases of PK with the most dangerous threat to the success of the graft being that of rejection.
DALK cannula with inferior opening was used to achieve injection of air in the deep stroma resulting in formation of big bubble (Figure 1) between stroma and the Descemet's membrane.
There were not much differences between PK and DALK groups in terms of age and gender.
Conclusion: Similar clinical outcomes were obtained in our study for patients who underwent DALK and those whose procedure was converted from DALK to PKP.
The aim of this study was to compare the clinical outcomes in patients who underwent DALK and those whose DALK was converted to PKP intraoperatively.
At five years, 39% of the PKP cohort achieved a BCVA of 6/6 or better, compared to 29% for a DALK cohort.
The increasing application of DALK raises a new question of timing for keratoplasty, namely that the expected improved long-term survival rate enables the offering of surgery at an earlier stage.
66 % of the patients and 3% of the patients had complications like DM perforation in DALK due to which the procedure was converted to penetrating keratoplasty.
Titiyal, in evaluating efficacy of DALK with no intra operative or post-operative complications 80 % of the patients achieved BCVA of 6/12 or better at the end of six months and with a study done by Mark A.
Bu calismada amacimiz DALK sirasinda ve postoperatif takiplerde gelisen komplikasyonlari ve bu komplikasyonlarin yonetimini sunmaktir.
Haydarpasa Numune Egitim ve Arastirma Hastanesi Goz Klinigi'nde Mart 2008-Kasim 2013 tarihleri arasinda cesitli endikasyonlar ile DALK yapilan (252 hastanin 284 gozu) hastalarin dosyalari geriye donuk olarak incelendi.