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DAMESDAASC Automatic Message Exchange System
DAMESDAASO Asynchronous Message Entry System
DAMESDLSC ADPE Minimum Essential Systems
DAMESDefense Automated Message Execution System
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Comminges turned and saw Dame Nanette, her eyes flashing with anger and a broom in her hand.
And Dame Nanette sprang to the window, threw it open, and in such a piercing voice that it might have been heard in the square of Notre Dame:
It was Friquet's voice; and Dame Nanette, feeling herself supported, recommenced with all her strength to sound her shrilly squawk.
Elizabeth's dames d'honneur must take up her lament, keening like Ronsard's chorus of Muses who rain down tears in the elegy we visited at the opening of this essay.
A geologist - not an engineer - is Dames & Moore's chief executive officer, he noted.
Koffel, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of URS Corporation noted, "The strategic benefits of combining URS and Dames & Moore are considerable _ together we will have the resources, the technical expertise and the geographic reach to meet the evolving needs of our clients and to compete with the largest firms on a global basis.
6 million shares based on a preliminary count, representing approximately 95% of the outstanding Dames & Moore shares.
URS expects to commence a tender offer for all Dames & Moore's common shares on or before May 11, 1999.
We're very pleased to begin this association with Dames & Moore Group, and see this opportunity as only the first step in establishing NEV Technologies and New Energy Ventures in the international distributed generation marketplace.
Vladimir's knowledge and experience, particularly in Eastern Europe and the Balkan States, and his ability to work effectively with Dames & Moore Group companies in Asia, are critical elements in OK's growth strategy," he said.
AVENGER and former Bond girl Diana Rigg was made a dame in 1994 for her contributions to theatre and film.