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DAMLDARPA Agent Markup Language
DAMLDigital Added Main Line
DAMLDirectory Access Markup Language
DAMLDorchester Atlantic-Marine Limited (now Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement; Isle of Man)
DAMLDrew and May Love (Pokemon club)
DAMLDorothy Alling Memorial Library (Williston, VT)
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This feature enables a Digital Added Main Line (DAML) system to be shared on the same copper pair line as an ADSL modem by allowing the DAML and ADSL signals to coexist simultaneously.
While DAML equipment has become a common method for enabling two telephone lines to be carried over a single copper pair, DAML systems prohibit deployment of any xDSL based service on the same line.
These codes are represented with a separate class AirportCode that was based upon the DAML AirportCodes class from the Itinerary-ont ontology, shortly described in Section 3.
begin strikethrough]Now in my approach we just focus on the second area, try to use the existing ontology from the DAML library which is already commonly accepted for the people and used in our knowledge domain[end strikethrough].
An initial application of the PG-FlexPlus Edge IAD is to deliver simultaneously ADSL and multiple POTS lines to subscribers currently served by DAML equipment.
Access360 has submitted DAML (Directory Access Markup Languages) as its proposal for DSML 2.
The system is equipped with TCPAM line coding to provide spectral compatibility with ADSL and DAML.
Major funding for this work was provided by DARPA, as part of the DAML program, under MIT/AFRL cooperative agreement number F30602-00-2-0593.
The DAML group pooled efforts with the Ontology Inference Layer to propose DAML+OIL, a language for expressing far more sophisticated classifications and properties of resources than RDFS.
The DAML contract is focused on developing an Agent Semantic Communication Service for accessing the semantic Web -- an evolving version of the World Wide Web that utilizes the meaning of words.