DAMTDelhi Association of Mathematics Teachers (India)
DAMTDirect Access Mechanize Testing
DAMTDepartment of Art, Music and Technology (Stevens Institute of Technology; New Jersey)
DAMTDrôme Ardèche Moto Team (France racing team)
DAMTDictionnaire Analytique de la Mondialisation du Travail (French: Analytical Dictionary of Globalization and Work; Canada)
DAMTDisaster Animal Management Task Force (Houston, TX)
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CAMT Village Walk Jacksonville FL Apartments Jesus Nungaray, CAMT Summercrest National City CA Lucas Paulino, DAMT Nevins Manor Methuen MA Walter Pina, CAMT Woodbourne Apts.
While the DAMT and DAPT were designed as intelligence instruments in the case of the former, or as indicators of the drawer's self-image in the case of the latter, Chambers (1983) developed the DAST in order to determine at what age and to what degree children first develop definite images of the scientist.