DAPGDistribution Automobile du Pays de Gex (French automobile dealer)
DAPGDeutsche Asia Pacific Gesellschaft eV (German: German Asia Pacific Society)
DAPGDolphin Action and Protection Group (South Africa)
DAPGDeutsch-Amerikanische Petroleum Gesellschaft (German: German-American Petroleum Company)
DAPGData Analysis Programming Group
DAPGDépollution Active des Polluants Flottants Généraux (French: Active Remediation of Floating Pollutants Overall)
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DAPG is an antibiotic known to be active against a broad spectrum of microorganisms and is involved in the suppression of many plant diseases (Defago 1993; Keel et al.
Quantity of DAPG produced by Pseudomonas aeruginosa An-F.
For the detection of an antibiotic, 2, 4- DAPG, a volume of 5 il of sample was spotted on to the aluminium coated sheets with silica gel.
The presence of DAPG was detected by spraying dinitro salicylic acid (DNS) on the TLC plate with [R.
The polyketide antibiotic DAPG is a phenolic molecule synthesized by the condensation of three molecules of acetyl coenzymeA with one molecule of malonyl coenzymeA to produce the precursor monoacetylphloroglucinol, which is subsequently transacetylated to generate PHL utilizing a CHS-type enzyme (21).
A various mechanisms have been attributed to bacterial antagonistic activity namely, different hydrolytic enzymes, chitinases, HCN, and siderophore production and production of antibiotics like phenazines, DAPG, pyrrolnitrin, pyoluteorin, and other secondary metabolites make endophytic bacterial isolates an ideal biocontrol agent 11.