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DAPLDrug and Alcohol Project Limited (UK)
DAPLDakota Access Pipeline (also known as Bakken pipeline)
DAPLDirect Access Protocol Layer
DAPLDirect Access Provider Library
DAPLDenver Association of Petroleum Landmen (Colorado)
DAPLDallas Association of Petroleum Landmen (Texas)
DAPLDirect Access Programming Library
DAPLDropping A Popped Locket (band)
DAPLDivision of Drug and Alcohol Program Licensure (Pennsylvania)
DAPLDeforest Area Public Library (Wisconsin)
DAPLDeccan Aviation Pvt. Ltd. (India)
DAPLDense Aqueous Phase Liquid
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The open season is for committed crude oil pipeline capacity from existing receipt points on the company's Bakken pipeline system to a newly constructed delivery point interconnecting into DAPL, which began on 26 June 2017.
The 450,000 b/d DAPL promises to provide a safer and more direct route for US.
This development (with Shell), along with the developments regarding the DAPL, will hurt Bakken producers' netbacks," Sarp Ozkan, a senior energy market analyst with Denver-based Ponderosa Advisors, said in reference to profits.
With support for protocols such as MPI, SDP, IPoIB, DAPL and iSER and based on OpenFabrics open-source technology, Voltaire GridStack addresses the needs of HPC, enterprise and storage applications.
com 5400a/627 microprocessor running DAPL 2000 OS; 128 MB DRAM; features real-time data processing, smoothing, filtering, FFT, PID control; runs under Linux and Windows; expandable to 512 ch iDSC 1816 Brickwall $3,995 anti-alias filtering per ch; onboard 96-MHz microprocessor running modified DAPL OS; 16 MB DRAM; features 2 DSPs; runs under Linux and Windows; expandable to 112 ch National Instruments PCI-6221 Includes $475 www.
The chapter Compiling and Downloading in the manual for the Developer's Toolkit for DAPL gives details and examples.
It has onboard intelligence implemented as DAPL 2000: a 32-bit multitasking real-time operating system that runs on an on-board processor.
In this past year alone, San Francisco, Seattle, WA, and Davis, CA, pulled their money out of Wells Fargo because of the banks various misdeeds including the funding of DAPL.
In the waning months last year, as Native American opposition to DAPL was taking on a higher media and political profile, a House of Representatives' Subcommittee on Indian, Insular and Alaska Native Affairs was hearing testimony in Santa Fe, NM, from three different tribes that welcome energy development, along with an economic development consultant and member of the research team at The Harvard Project on American Indian Economic Development, Eric C.