DAPMDomain Analysis Process Model
DAPMData Administration Program Manager
DAPMDynamic Asset Pricing Model
DAPMDichotomous Asset Pricing Model
DAPMDepartment of the Army, Provost Marshal General
DAPMDeputy Assistant Program Manager
DAPMDeployment and Positioning Mechanism (aerospace)
DAPMDynamic Audio Power Management
DAPMDivision des Affaires Pénales Militaires (French: Military Criminal Cases Division)
DAPMDynamic Assets & Performance Monitoring (Switzerland)
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59) For post-trial Soldiers, AR 190-47 authorizes installation commanders to "contract with [sic] local jails for prisoners with sentences to confinement of 30 or fewer days, followed by notification of [the Department of the Army Provost Marshal] DAPM of such action.
The DAPM is responsible for the Army Corrections Command (ACC), which is, in turn, responsible for the management of the ACS.
Inpatient psychiatric prisoner patients may be treated only in a military, Department of Veterans Affairs, State, or Federal prison approved by DAPM.