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DAPPDevelopment Aid from People to People
DAPPDepartamento de Avaliação Prospectiva e Planeamento (Ministério da Educação, Portugal)
DAPPDimensional Assessment of Personality Pathology
DAPPData Acquisition and Processing Program (later DMSP)
DAPPDistemper, Adenovirus, Parainfluenza, Parvovirus (veterinary medicine)
DAPPDual A Posteriori Probability
DAPPDefense Acquisition Pilot Program
DAPPApplied Dose
DAPPDivision Académique des Pensions et des Prestations (French: Academic Division of Pensions and Benefits)
DAPPDermatite par Allergie aux Piqûres de Puces (French: Dermatitis by Allergy to Flea Bites)
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DAPP also invites Islamic scholars as lecturers for their series on Islamic studies.
We are urging retailers to ensure that monies are passed down the supply chain to producers and that the DAPP more equitably reflects these new increased retail prices," said NPA chairman Stewart Houston
The goal of the study was to evaluate the effects of consumption of DAPP on joint function and ROM.
In 2007, Bpex's Pigs Are Worth It campaign resulted in retailers increasing the DAPP from 110p/kg to 140p/kg
Not only will the site carry the DAPP, but also the top 20% and bottom 20% prices, weights and probes making it much broader and more useful.
This official recognition will help drive consumption of DAPP in applications such as supplements, bars, dry powders, smoothies and marinades.
Pigs weighing more than 80kg now account for half of all pigs in the DAPP sample.
Missions tracking "asbestos" constitution of DAPP housing, Realization of asbestos identification prior to the work: club rental or rehabilitation of housing, Update DTA common parts of buildings.
Verdant Energy's credits resulted from their DAPP Offset project, an emission reduction initiative that produces electricity by burning biomass.
The DAPP prices will be available every Wednesday afternoon along with average weight and probes.