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DAQData Acquisition
DAQDivision of Air Quality
DAQDelivered Audio Quality
DAQDon't Ask Questions
DAQDumb Ass Question
DAQDigital Audio Quality
DAQDiabetes Australia-Queensland (est. 1968)
DAQDémarche d'Assurance Qualité (French: Approach to Quality Assurance)
DAQDémarche d'Amélioration Qualitative (French: Qualitative Improvement Approach)
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The APx515 DAQ driver's feature set includes support for the LabVIEW waveform data type, arbitrary waveform generation and waveform acquisition.
Here the following applies as always: The more performance a DAQ systems features, the higher the price in general.
5 state implementation plan to meet the new, stricter EPA standards, the DAQ has adopted multiple new rules to regulate area sources and require them to apply reasonably available control measures to their PM2.
A widowed friend of mine who was in her iddah (the four months and 10-day waiting period Muslim women spend after their husband 's death) asked me to take her husband's book to DAQ for printing.
Many of today's DAQ devices use a powerful real-time microprocessor and one powerful FPGA circuit.
Also new are the Multi DAQ universal signal conditioner for monitoring and controlling injection machines.
The DT9828, new low-cost temperature DAQ module from Data Translation, sets accuracy benchmark for thermocouple measurements.
The report provides an in-depth analysis of the DAQ market across different Geographical regions namely North America, Europe, Asia Pacific Middle East and Africa along with further country-wise segmentation.
It provides free drivers, programming interfaces (DLL or ActiveX Control), and LabVIEW VI's supporting the latest DAQ systems plus additional functions of already existing products.
The electrical signals generated by the transducers must be optimized for the input range of the DAQ board.
Proton TOFs longer than the set time window are not recorded by the DAQ.
The data acquisition such as reading the synchro for motor position and sending the control signal are both accomplished via the DAQ board.