DARAMDual Access Random Access Memory
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Derakhtan ra doost daram Ke be ehtram to ghiam kardeand Khoni kea z gallooy to taravid Hamechiz va harchiz ra dar kaenat do Pare kard Dar rang Inak har chiz ya sorkh ast Ya hosseini nist Va gah kama bish forrod miayad az in dast To faratar az hamiati Namazi Niati Yeganee vahdati Ah ey sabz Ey sabz sorkh Ey shariftar az paki Najibtar az har khaki Ey shirin sakht Ey sakht shirin Ey bazooye hadid Shahin mizan Mafhome ketab manaye ghoraan (Selection poems; 8)
Synchronised global paddling will raise funds for a nominated marine conservation project EoAC" the Daram marine reserve on Raja Ampat Islands in Northwest Papua, Indonesia.
To the Editor: Daram et al (1) recently presented a case report outlining the occurrence of acute renal failure, purported to be caused by "colistin," in a 57-year-old male.
Daram et al (1) acknowledged that the total daily dose of sodium colistin methanesulfonate (CMS) administered to their patient (12 mg/kg/d in 4 divided doses) was more than double the currently recommended daily dose for a renally healthy person.
Conway et al (2) closely examined the early reports of CMS toxicity, which were cited by Daram et al as papers one to four in their letter to the editor.
7,9) We have recently demonstrated (unpublished finding) that both CMS and colistin are cleared by hemodialysis, and we are not aware of any literature supporting the claim by Daram et al (1) that "hemodialysis has no role in removal of circulating colistin" or CMS.
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Daram, MD, Marie Philipneri, MD, Nidhi Puri, BS, and Bahar Bastani, MD
32 KW DARAM and 16 K ROM -- 32-bit external memory interface (EMIF) -- 16 Kbytes of instruction-cache -- 16-bit/8-bit enhanced host port interface (HPI) -- 6-channel direct memory access (DMA) supporting internal and external transfers -- I2C interface to microcontrollers and codecs for inter-chip communication -- Up to 76 general purpose I/O pins