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The region, known as Lakhian Jo Daro, is located some 40 kilometers north of Kot Diji and about 120 kilometers southwest of Moenjodaro.
DARO indicated that all recording needs for the Tier II platform are "easily" met by the commercial marketplace.
A team of 22 archaeologists, headed by the chairman of Shah Abdul Latif University's archaeology department and Lakhian Jo Daro project director Ghulam Mustafa Shar, found some semi-precious and precious stones and utensils made of clay, copper and other metals during the excavation.
International archaeological experts will be invited to help prepare final study report on dry core drilling being carried out at the site of Moen Jo Daro to ascertain actual area of this historical site.
The OAS Secretary General, Luis Almagro, described Daro as an example of the cultural heritage, in the broadest meaning of the word, and he underscored the projection of his universally-recognized work that still affects the social and political context.
This he said while presiding over a meeting of the Executive Board of National Fund for Mohen-jo-Daro convened at Mohen jo Daro (Larkana) on Friday evening.
The focus will be on the enhancements to the MIROGARD product family, Protect Ultra and DARO, as well as on anti-reflective AMIRAN display case glass and semi-transparent MIRONA mirrored glass.
O ddarllen yr Herald Cymraeg yn ddiweddar deallais fod Bethan Gwanas eisoes wedi cyfeirio at y caffi bach hynod yma a wedyn dyma ddarllen am hanes Angharad yn crwydro Cwmorthin - argian syndod na fu i ni gyd daro mewn i'n gilydd gan fy mod innau wedi taro mewn i'r caffi ddwywaith ym Mis Medi yn barod.
Rajar praised one of the masterpieces of Baba, his novel Mohen Jo Daro, saying that it highlighted Sindh's culture, language and literature in an exquisite way.
The difference between anti-reflective picture glazing (right) and SCHOTT MIROGARDA DARO (left) can be seen immediately.
Er mwyn lleddfu poen y ddannodd, dodwyd plwg o wlan cotwm (cotton wool) wedi ei fwydo mewn spirit neitar neu olew clofen (oil of cloves) a'i daro yn y daint drwg.
The drummer visits streets and also calls out loudly, Utho rozay daro to wake up all people living in that certain locality.