DARTTDNA (Deoxyribonucleic Acid) Amplification-Restricted Transcription Translation
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The DARTT (Dynavax Allergic Rhinitis TOLAMBA Trial) study is a 30-center, placebo-controlled study in 738 ragweed allergic subjects, aged 18 to 55 years.
We are pleased to add Utimaco's solution to our DARTT contract," said Craig P.
As a result, DARTT has put in place rigorous standards with stringent technical and information assurance requirements for security providers selling to the government market.
The DARTT is a multi-agency USG Task Force established to provide DAR encryption solutions for mobile computing devices and removable storage media.
Eduardo Martins, Vice President Clinical Development at Dynavax, indicated, "The DARTT dataset provided an opportunity to assess the correlation between various skin test parameters at enrollment and the development of meaningful symptoms in placebo patients upon exposure to ragweed.
The multi-center DARTT study was comprised of 738 subjects with ragweed allergic rhinitis, including 241 placebo subjects.
23 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Dynavax Technologies Corporation today reported interim data from the first year of its two-year ragweed allergy trial known as DARTT, including a prespecified regional analysis of sites that clearly showed a therapeutic benefit of TOLAMBA in the Midwest.
Despite enrollment criteria that were analogous to those used in the Phase 2b trial reported at AAAAI last year as having demonstrated statistically significant efficacy, the DARTT trial was inconclusive because the enrolled subjects did not show sufficient ragweed symptoms in the peak season.
Rocky Mountain RAM's security partnership with McAfee has been critical in our efforts to adhere to the latest Department of Defense DARTT requirements," said Lisa Schaeffer, CEO of Rocky Mountain RAM.