DARWDental Assistants Recognition Week
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Kaplan University Nebraska Omaha's Dental Assisting Program celebrated DARW by providing lunch and goodie bags to the students and faculty.
Minnesota State Community and Technical College honored dental assisting students with a luncheon on March 10 during DARW.
Students of the SADAA chapter at the Community College of Rhode Island celebrated DARW by attending a lecture on Forensic Dentistry offered by the Rhode Island Dental Assistants Association.
Activities/collaborations with other professional organizations: Attended Washtenaw DAS seminar during DARW, attended MDAA BOD meeting, on committee for Michigan Dental Association for Annual Session, working MDA registration booth at state meeting and hosting CE classes, participated ADAA Virtual HOD practice sessions, First/Second HOD and reference committee calls
We received many submissions of how DARW was celebrated by various dental assistants.
The San Diego Mesa College Dental Assisting Program proudly participated in DARW 2016 by honoring the dental assistants of their Directed Clinical Practice (DCP) offices.
The Camden County College Dental Assisting Class of 2013 presented each of their Supervised Clinical Experience affiliate sites with a bud vase and three wooden roses for DARW to show their appreciation for all the hard work and additional education the staff shared with them during this spring 2013 semester.
In recognition of DARW, the dental director, staff dentist, and dental hygienists surprised the dental assistants with a cake decorated with this year's motto.
Dental assisting students held a meeting and initiated a local student chapter for ADAA members in the dental assisting program in recognition of DARW.
On the first daft posters were put up in the office informing patients and staff about DARW and a press release was sent to the local press.
DARW activities included special lectures, participation in a project contest with the prize being student membership in ADAA and concluded with a celebration and cake
DARW concluded with a luncheon hosted by the dental assisting faculty, at which attendees participated in a "Name that Fact" game and students were given goodie bags and large Crest Toothpaste inflatatbles, furnished by Proctor & Gamble.