DAS28Disease Activity Score for 28 Joints
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Reliability and validity of CDAI and SDAI indices in comparison to DAS28 index in Moroccon patients with RA.
Although the median DAS28 was comparable in both groups, poor sleepers had a higher frequency of erosive disease (50.
DAS28, HAQDI, or SDAI) for the accurate measurement of RA severity and treatment follow-up.
Males interestingly presented later than females and had lower DAS28 scores at presentation indicating that the skewed gender distribution is likely an effect of RA biology rather than due to issues of healthcare accessibility.
In a study by Turhanglu (2011) using DAS28 criteria, a reverse association between RA activity and serum levels of vitamin D in 65 RA patients was shown.
A committee of the American College of Rheumatology (ACR) and the European League against Rheumatism (EULAR) has proposed two remission criteria sets, (7,8) a Boolean Criteria set and SDAI, which are more stringent than DAS28 to identify remission.
After 6 months, swollen joint count, DAS28 scores, and ESR and C-reactive protein (CRP) levels declined in patients receiving atorvastatin.
The DAS28 score takes into account the number of tender and swollen joints and the level of inflammation in the body.
The DAS28 (disease activity score using 28 joint counts) values of the two treatment groups were calculated, and there was a statistically significant difference between the two treatment groups (P < 0.
Safety and tolerability were primary endpoints, and secondary endpoints included RA disease response measurements: ACR, DAS28, CRP, and ESR, as well as bone turnover markers, CTx, PINP, and osteocalcin.
Clinical and functional outcomes were assessed using the DAS28 and the Health Assessment Questionnaire Disability Index (HAQ-DI), which is a measure of a patient's physical function.