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DASCData Access Service Components
DASCDigital Avionics Systems Conference
DASCDesign Automation Standards Committee (IEEE)
DASCDartmouth Adult Services Centre (Canada)
DASCDirect Air Support Center
DASCDoulas Association of Southern California
DASCDakota Alliance Soccer Club (Sioux Falls, SD)
DASCDLA (Defense Logistics Agency) Administration Support Center
DASCDrug and Alcohol Services Council (Australia)
DASCDismounted Armor Scout Course (Fort Knox, KY)
DASCDixie Alley Storm Chase Team (weather blog)
DASCDirection des Arts du Spectacle et de la Coopération Culturelle (French: Directorate of Performing Arts and Cultural Cooperation; Burkina Faso)
DASCDepartment of the Army Systems Coordinator
DASCDarlington Amateur Swimming Club (UK)
DASCDressage Association of Southern California
DASCDémarche Audit Sécurité Conseil (French: Action Safety Audit Commission)
DASCDowning Atlanta Supercharger (automotive kit)
DASCDanish Asteroseismology Center (University of Aarhus; Denmark)
DASCDisaster Assistance Support Center (FEMA)
DASCDeep Atmosphere Spectral Camera
DASCDefense Administrative Support Center
DASCDocumented Ada Style Checker
DASCDubois Auto Sport Compétition (French racing event)
DASCData Aquisition and Signal Conditioning (less commonly seen as DAS)
DASCDihydroxyaluminum Sodium Carbonate
DASCDefensive Aids Suite Controller (UK Ministry of Defence)
DASCDambenoit Air Soft Club (France)
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The DASC software, available in English or Chinese, has some flexibility with data uploads.
For a small club like DASC to have swimmers in four consecutive Olympic Games is a unbelievable achievement.
Todos los modulos contenidos en DASC fueron desarrollados bajo un formato similar.
Pues bien, en la Ley 27 la CNSC quedo conformada por siete miembros, asi: los directores del DASC y de la ESAP; un representante de la Federacion de Municipios; uno de la Confederacion de Gobernadores, y delegado del presidente de la Republica y dos representantes de los empleados nombrados por el presidente de la Republica de temas presentadas por los empleados de carrera administrativa.
For example, the 2002 DASC report discusses different options to establish a yield per cannabis plant, ranging from a low of 12.
1991], Aidede-Camp [Software Maintenance and Development Systems 1990], and DaSC [MacKay 1995]) support product versioning to overcome the limitations of component versioning.
Tenders are invited for repair of the paths of the romer valley (p-170) and dubies / the plains (p-200) in the municipal district dasc
If there is anyone with any tips, advice or magic beans about how to dive off a 10 metre board and survive, then please tweet me your secrets to @patrickjmonahan A huge thanks to Steve Place at Jackson and Juliet Bearpark from DASC and the Dolphin Centre in Darlington for letting me come and embarrass myself off the 1 metre board.
Because of our low altitude, we couldn't raise the DASC to give them a position report or to get weather for home field.
Joint integration of lethal and nonlethal fires and effects faced its sternest test in the battle to retake Fallujah in November 2004--but the 1st MARDIV and its DASC had neither a common doctrinal foundation with the JFEC/ASOC/CAOC team nor a history of exercising with Army and Air Force assets.
A primary task of the ASOC or the DASC is to translate the commander's intent to the many types of aircrew in the form of priority of fires as directed by the ground commander's FSC in a very short period of time.
Tenders are invited for DA95F high performance fixed head printer; W823 high capacity envelope tray (feeder); DASC integrated stacker with stand; high output dryer.