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DATData (file name extension)
DATDigital Audio Tape
DATDisaster Action Team
DATDental Admissions Test
DATDopamine Transporter
DATDeutsche Automobil Treuhand GmbH (German Automobile Trust)
DATDynamic Address Translation
DATDrug Action Team (UK)
DATDirect Antiglobulin Test
DATDrug and Alcohol Testing (US Military Entrance Processing Station)
DATDifferential Aptitude Test
DATDirect Access Trading
DATDelivered at Terminal
DATDesk Appearance Ticket (summons issued to violator in lieu of arrest)
DATDine About Town (San Francisco)
DATDementia of Alzheimer Type
DATSpecial Patrol (O/T forms - obsolete)
DATDisability Awareness Training
DATDischarge Air Temperature
DATDisaster Assistance Team (American Red Cross)
DATDiet As Tolerated
DATDowntown Action Team
DATDirect Antiglobulin Testing
DATDarang Deng (SIL code, China)
DATDistributed Active Transformer
DATDouble Acting Tanker
DATDirect Access Technology
DATDuplicate Address Test
DATDatabase Advanced Training
DATDirectorate of Army Training (Canadian Armed Forces)
DATDepartment of Advanced Technology
DATDigital Archive Tape
DATData Assessment Tool
DATDistrict Action Team
DATDynamic Algorithm Transform
DATDevelopment Around Transit
DATDirectorate of Labour Inspection (Norway)
DATDisputes Automated Tracking
DATDeployment Action Team (JDA)
DATDevelopment Acceptance Test
DATDays After Term Award
DATDirection of Arrival Tracking
DATDisconnect Actuating Tool
DATDesign Assurance Testing
DATDevelopment Assist Test
DATDays After Tasking
DATDigital Analog Trunk (telecommunications)
DATDesign Acceptance/Approval Test
DATDigitool Applied Technologies
DATDemilitarization Alternative Technology
DATDay After Tomorrow (film)
DATDétachement Avancé des Transmissions (French: Advanced Signals Detachment)
DATDefence Against Terrorism
DATDépartement de l'Aménagement du Territoire (French: Department of Regional Planning; Luxembourg)
DATData Analysis Team
DATData Analysis Tool
DATDocumentation et Assistance Technique (French: Documentation and Technical Assistance)
DATDamage Assessment Team
DATDative (grammar)
DATDays After Treatment (agricultural science)
DATDéclaration d'Accident du Travail (French: Work Accident Statement)
DATDays After Transplanting
DATDanish Air Transport (est. 1989)
DATData Assurance Team
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DAT instruments offer a range of products, both standard and custom-made, which assist customers with multi-site operations.
Association between DAT positivity and moderate and severe disease was assessed using chi-square test.
The appropriate specimen for the DAT is one that is anticoagulated with ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA).
Fleet business: The calculation of fleet costs enters a new dimension through the cooperation between DAT and GfK.
A maior demanda ocorreu nos periodos de 15 a 25 DAT e 25 a 35 DAT, com taxas medias de acumulo de 0,06 e 0,10 g [planta.
A maior demanda ocorreu no periodo de 30 a 45 DAT (Estadio Vegetativo), com taxas medias de acumulo respectivamente para "IPA 11" e "Texas Grano 502" de 5,60 e 4,33 mg [planta.
Egg densities were always significantly higher on plants in the untreated control than in any insecticide treatment at 3 and 7 DAT comparisons, and higher at 14 DAT in Trials 2 and 3 on untreated plants than plants receiving insecticide treatments.
And when we used another tool--a nine-item symptom rating scale that assesses early Parkinson's--those individuals in the lowest DAT group were more likely to endorse the symptoms.
But no scientific evidence exists to support the claim that DAT improves any disorder.
One major shift of liability for the lab that offers DAT is that there is no longer an interpreting physician to guide the patient in understanding and responding to test results.
Each DAT met and acted independently of the others and represented very different communities and community needs, but they all shared certain structural and functional features.
The DAT test (also known as a direct Coombs' test) has been used since the 1950s to see whether the donor has immunoglobulin antibodies attached to red blood cells, according to Dr.