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DATAData Accountability and Trust Act
DATADurham Area Transit Authority (Durham, NC)
DATADesign and Technology Association (UK)
DATADrug Addiction Treatment Act of 2000
DATADrug Alcohol Traffic Awareness
DATADebt, AIDS and Trade in Africa (humanitarian organization)
DATAData Analysis and Technical Assistance (Unit; Illinois Institute for Rural Affairs)
DATAData-Aware Transport Activity (Nortel, ADC, Fujitsu, Etc)
DATADesign and Technology Academy (San Antonio, TX)
DATADebt Aid and Trade for Africa
DATADo As Time Allows
DATADefense Air Transport Administration
DATADecisions and Advanced Technology Associates, Inc.
DATADraughtsmens' and Allied Technicians Association (UK)
DATADelusions of Armymen Tank-drivers and Airmen
DATADrawings for Army Training Aids
DATADesires, Abilities, Temperament, Assets
DATADepartment of Advanced Technology Application (MMOG game)
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The process by which data are distributed to library users depends on many factors including size, format complexity, and potential restrictions applied to the data as a result of copyright or license agreements created by data producers.
Because they move data between locations, remote data solutions must accommodate bandwidth restrictions.
Environmental public health tracking is the ongoing collection, integration, analysis, and dissemination of data from environmental hazard monitoring, human exposure tracking, and health effect surveillance (Figure 1).
As a result, data availability, access and quality have become key issues for insurers, pointing to the need for an enterprise data strategy.
Later, data may be recollected, information regenerated and the process repeated.
Missing data are data you desired to collect but never got into your database for subsequent analysis.
i/Lytics provides the industry's first fully integrated, end-to-end customer data management solution, expanding the scope of conventional data quality to include source data analysis, data quality transformations and enterprise data quality management.
The SPSS Data Entry family of products, which includes everything from survey design to data collection software, consists of SPSS Data Entry Builder, SPSS Data Entry Station and SPSS Data Entry Enterprise Server.
Data transfers and combinations generally occur in one of two ways.