DATAGRIDResearch and Technological Development for an International Data Grid
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Now that we have retrieved all the records in the Products table, we simply bind the "products" variable to DataSource property of the datagrid and we are done.
Professor Ian Halliday, of the Particle Physics and Astronomy Research Council, said: "The Datagrid will harness computer-processing power well beyond current levels.
did get Spark versions, components such as the Image component, the DataGrid component, and Forms.
NET, announced the release of 4 new controls for WPF, including ListBox, ComboBox, Pivot-Design Panel and DataGrid Grouping panel.
In this release we introduced 12 new controls, including Tab Control, and further improved the performance of our DataGrid.
com)-- Virtosoftware has released a new version of Virto DataGrid web part for convenient displaying SharePoint lists and SQL items fully compatible with SharePoint 2010.