DATDDirection Aménagement et Transport du Département (French: Management Planning and Transportation Department)
DATDDrawing Against the Drop (firearms handling)
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In this study, we are investigating the efficacy of DATD in treating CP/CPPS by assessing the dynamics of pain and QoL, PV, and [Q.
The effectiveness of TT was studied by comparing men with CP/CPPS who received mono-therapy with DATD with the control group, who received no treatment.
DATD is an elastic neoprene belt that keeps the thermoelement in projection of prostate in close contact with the skin for a prolonged duration and the belt also prevents heat dissipation (Figure 1).
The use of DATD considerably reduces PV and significantly increases the uroflowmetry [Q.
Clinical improvement and positive changes in the ultrasound and uroflowmetry parameters in patients with CP/CPPS who used DATD could be explained by positive changes in the prostate at the capillary level.
By terminating "micro-focus" of hypothermia with DATD microcirculation within the prostate improves.