DATECDevelopmentally Appropriate Technology for Early Childhood (study; various countries)
DATECData Technical (AT&T Tier 2 Data Support)
DATECDingle Agricultural and Technical College (Dingle, Iloilo, Philippines)
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The DATEC project also has produced its own exemplars of good practice in using ICT with children ages 3 to 8, across the partner nations of England, Sweden, and Portugal.
DATEC helped two integrated centers for under-5s construct Web sites that will enable parents to access up-to-date information on their children's settings.
In addition to developing innovative practices, the English partners in DATEC have addressed the "conventional" technology of the early years classroom--the desktop computer--and have experimented with different ways of integrating this adult-size machine into a child-size environment.
Their Web site, which is still under construction by the center staff, can be viewed as a link from the DATEC site by clicking on "Exemplars," and going to "Parents as Partners" and then to "Gamesley Web.