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DATIDelaware Assistive Technology Initiative (Wilmington, DE)
DATIDanish Agency for Trade and Industry
DATIDiastolic Amplitude Time Index
DATIDirector of Army Technical Information
DATIDominant Auxiliary Tertiary Inferior (Jungian functional preference ordering)
DATIDipteryx Alata Trypsin Inhibitor
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DATI believes that the timing is critical as the targeted company has also seen a rise of new issuers seeking to leverage the emerging crypto markets TGE and ICO (token generated events and initial coin offerings) and are turning to regulated crowd funding platforms to assist with securing the capital required to pursue these endeavors.
The combined strength of Exigen and DATI represents the largest IT resource in the Baltics, with over 700 employees skilled in application development, maintenance and operations.
Providing installation and maintenance of equipment DATI (alarm device for lone worker) type "wristwatch" and removal of some existing equipment.