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DATTDirect Attention Thinking Tools (de Bono Thinking Systems)
DATTDefense Attaché
DATTDweller at the Threshold (American electronic music group; 1993-2005)
DATTDepartment of Aviation Trades Training
DATTDialysis Adequacy and Transport Test (kidney diseases)
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The men are also directors of nearby Birmingham Safety Deposit Centre Ltd, also based in Frankley Street, while Mr Datt is also named as secretary of Friends Jewellers.
Como se presento en el cuerpo del texto, la descomposicion de las tasas de pobreza e indigencia se llevo adelante extendiendo la formula de Datt y Ravallion (1992) a partir de la propuesta de Cortes (2014).
Datt y Usenik (18) encontraron un aumento significativo en hematocrito en los equinos 12 horas despues de la obstruccion del duodeno.
Nawal Didi's father Har Datt died earlier this year from cancer and the 47-year-old is so indebted to the Marie Curie nurses who helped him through his battle, he wanted to raise funds for them.
Gopal Datt as Samrat's buddy and assistant does a decent job.
Datt sent it so that Tolstoy may find that his "doctrines are in perfect accord with the highest points of Indian philosophy" (p.
Conduziu-se entao, por meio da laparotomia, flanco direito para duodeno e ileo, e esquerdo para colon maior, a obstrucao do segmento intestinal, com dreno de Penrose no 3, segundo modelo descrito por Datt & Usenik (1975).
The delegation comprises companies like Biometric Cables, Chennai; Consafe Life Sciences, Hyderabad; Datt Mediproducts, New Delhi; Global Healthcare Solution, Bangalore; Global Hospitals Group, Hyderabad; Lamar Natural Products, Mumbai, MGI (India), Delhi, Pradeep Surgical Dressings, Bangalore; Spansules Pharma Hyderabad; and Telecommunications Consultants India among others.
datt "A couple of putts, we were talking about it in our group, that just weren't that fast.
Chef Sunil Datt Rai says when you mention "organic and free range" it usually means more expensive.
datt "I have become extremely angry at the needless loss of life.
With: Sharib Hashmi, Inaamulhaq, Kumud Mishra, Gopal Datt, Sanjay Mehta, Tushar Jha.