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DAVARDealer Authorized Value-Added Retailer
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As said by Davar and Gill (2009), the quantum of the household savings and investments is a result of a host of theoretically well-established determinants, the prime among them being the growth in per capita income, financial liberalization, greater opportunities for diversification, across financial assets and market related returns.
The effect of training on productivity of employees is found out by conducting a meta-analysis of studies with the help of Davar (2004) method and Hunter- Schmidt and Jackson (1982) henceforth HSJ (1982) Framework.
Musical theater dancer Desi Davar learned about her knees the hard way.
When my first book of poetry, Yo (Yes) appeared in Vilna in 1936, the Tel Aviv newspaper Davar had an article entitled "Chaim Nachman Bialik and Chaim Grade.
Mumbai, June 15 -- The Shiamak Davar Institute of Performing Arts presented their dance show, Confidance.
Upon which the Babylonian Talmud comments: Kol omer davar b'shem omro mevia geula l'olam, "Whoever speaks a word in the name of its speaker, brings redemption to the world.
Iran's national poet, Simin Behbahani--also known as the lioness of Iran--spoke to National Public Radio's Davar Iran Ardalan in June about the post-election turmoil in Iran.
To raise funds for the building, a "Shiamak Davar Show" was organized in December 2005.
Bollywood music directors Vishal and Shekhar have composed the musical score for the show and India's top dance instructor, Shiamak Davar, has choreographed the dance moves.
Davar Ardalan recalls her young life in suburban Boston and later in the turbulent post-revolutionary streets of Tehran.
One example is the description of the Al-Duwayima massacre of October 29, 1948, that appeared in the Israeli daily Davar of June 9, 1979.